Sweetness and light


I might come across some days all sweetness and light but deep down there is a little devil inside and boy have ive been pushing mummy and daddy’s buttons lately lol. now i am slowly getting more and more verbal along with my no fear confidence there really is no stopping me some days from the moment i wake up is when they sort of know what mood im likely to be in for the day and with dad still trying to work here there and everywhere to keep a roof over our heads and hitting the gym its been poor mummy that normally has the brunt of it but i still keep a little bit back for dad when its daddy and daughter days lol.

Mum had work friday night and saturday night so we had daddy and daughter day on saturday where we seen nanny and grandad owen in the morning while we were over uncle stuarts house and nanny said they were going to the caravan so later that morning close to afternoon daddy decided to hit the road and let me have a nap while we went down to the caravan for a few hours as its only a 45 min drive away, we had such a great afternoon we might go down there more often as its a nice big open field where i can run around with daddy and grandad and just have a laugh.

Sunday was just more playing and going shopping but boy was i in a strop for most of the day, constantly moaning and generally getting up mummy and daddys backs but on the plus side today we are so far full of the joys of spring and with nanny and granda owen coming over to help with the garden it should be a good day all round.

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