Stupid Teeth

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The weekend was quite a quiet one and didn’t get to have nanny night this weekend as poor nanny owen was still having problems after going to the dentist and things didn’t seem to get any better for her so if was just a normal night for me, mummy and daddy but at least i had the wedding to goto before the weekend and that was good and i had lots of people trying to munch me lol.

Sunday i had to go over and see how nanny owen was doing hoping that i could make things better for her with my super magic smile while daddy and uncle stuart went for a drive to look at there 52 mile bike ride which i think there now regretting but i know that they and auntie rona will do us all proud.

Things over the last couple of days have been down hill for me a little bit and its also comes down to something to do with my gums/teeth which i think is called ‘cutting’ and i have been as much as i can a happy smiley baby but at the same time really unsettled and have been getting up earlier than i normally am being proper irritable and cranky so mummy and i are both hoping that this goes away soon but mummy’s getting a dab hand at this now bless her and with nanny and grandad owen only round the corner and uncle stuart and auntie amanda she’s not alone. fingers crossed for the rest of the week xx