straight sleeping

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After almost a week of me having some seriously bad nights of sleeping im finally at the end of my antibiotics and it looks like its worked, friday night was the first night of me sleeping straight though and i think there was a big sigh of relief from daddy as it was a clear sign of things looking up for me.

Saturday was the same again but i was over nanny and grandad owens house so daddy could go out while mummy was at work and i slept from 2050 to 0610 so now i have my sleep pattern back its fingers crossed for 3 nights in a row tonight. Although i have ¬†been sleeping straight though i have also been pushing peoples buttons by having full on temper tantrums and stopping about the place on top of not eating food when people have made it so now mum and dad have made a meal planner for a week and starting tomorrow im on a set meal plan and if i don’t eat it then i will have to wait until the next snack or meal on top of trying to cut back on how much juice i have been drinking so all change next week and hopefully for the better though i cant guarantee that i will be a non stroppy child, that is another ¬†story/ chapter altogether