January 2017

start to 2017

First week of 2017 done and dusted and its been a fab week from still playing with all my new toys to play with one of daddy’s toys from when he was little as well which he has been given from his auntie christine in scotland. Ive had loads of fun playing playdo with as many people as i can including mummy daddy and nanny and grandad owen and ive been baking cakes and playing my favourite game bunny jump which i call bunny jump jump. I still cant say happy new year i keep saying happy new you you but hey i’ll have it mastered by 2018!

Its been my first couple of days back at nursery and ive been really good going back and not cried which means i normally get something good on a friday and this time ive had new bed time nappies and princess polly top from trolls and my usual magazine from the shop as well which came with mr tumbles phone how cool is that 🙂

Daddy has been trying to stay home as much as he can in the mornings so i can see him but there has been a few days where i havent seen him but when he finishes work we always try and have some quality daddy daughter time and after spending the night at nanny and grandad owens saturday night (my second home) me and daddy had some more quality time as we went to the park although it was raining and we met up with daddys friends who had a little girl so i had someone to run around with then we went to there house so i could play with her. all in all its bee a good start to 2017