Spoilt Child

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Dribbles aside on one photo here i am very spoilt baby, mummy and daddy have only gone and made my car rides much better by getting me a tablet so i can watch peppa pig where ever i go and if i go on plane rides such as the 4hr one to cyprus soon then i can take it with me as well and annoy all the other passengers with the sweet sound of peppa pigs theme song lol.

daddy has been working hard to re-upload all the photos as it has taken slightly longer than he thought but the bulk of the photos are up now including Decembers photos and also a separate album just for Christmas day and all thats left now are the three holidays/trips i went on last year such as France, Scotland and Wales for my auntie carlas wedding.

Still having good days and bad days with my teeth at the moment and over the weekend got to spend a good couple of days with daddy as mummy had work both saturday and sunday so me and daddy love spending time together. Ive got my next weigh-in tomorrow as we changed it now to every month and last time i went i lost a little because i was ill so hopefully i should of put some weight back on, also my photos have finally been done from my photo shoot and im hoping they should be here by the end of the month ready to put on my site but in the mean time here is one of the shots from the shoot