March 2015

split family time

IMG-20150327-WA0000 2015-03-27 19.33.20 IMG-20150325-WA0010 2015-03-26 17.58.27

another week almost over and now only ten days till my birthday, mummy and daddy have decided not to go overboard for my birthday but that doesn’t mean to say im not going to have any presents it just means they wont be doing a massive birthday party but we are going to go out for the day with friends and family and im still going to have a cake.

I’ve had 2 really good days over at daddy’s friends house while mummy went to work for an hour in the afternoon and hopefully if she can sort her shifts out a little bit better there should be no need for me to go over there again and be left but doesn’t mean to say we wont go and visit it will just be me and daddy in the mornings and me and mummy in the afternoon so that should work out great. Nanny owen and grandad have bought me a lovely new dress which i tried on yesterday as i got to spend some time with nanny and grandad at our house and even tried my first pork scratching, anything that i can munch on these days that helps with my teeth i love.

IMG-20150327-WA0011 2015-03-26 15.47.59 2015-03-26 14.27.26 2015-03-26 14.16.09