Soon to hit the road


Final nights sleep in my bed before hitting the road for a very quick flying visit up north. Dad is planning on driving through the night with mummy getting some motorway driving in as well and dad has even gone and bought a new car ready for the journey.

Mummy and daddy have both been working hard the last few days so they are ready for a few days off which means ive been spending some quality time with nanny and grandad owen 🙂 i should have been in school this week but i have had another water infection and sore lips and ended up back in hospital again as i wasn’t drinking and eating but im getting back to my self slowly. Im still a nightmare at bed times but apart from that ive been good and now im getting a dab hand at not wearing any nappies during the day which is amazing! i have a nappy on for bed but when i get up in the morning i whip that bad boy right off and go for my morning wee wee on the potty and ive done this all on my own accord .

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