Soldiering On

Its been a few weeks now and i just cant seem to get myself back on track, ive been on anti biotics for the last week and this cough i have just wont do one and leave me alone which isnt helping me sleep at all thus causing me most days to be a right royal pain to folks but im trying the best i can and of course its always worse in the nights and im getting through most of the night with some coughing fits but then come almost 4.30am -5am thats it and im waking up really cheesed off and wanting mum or dad so i know im waking up before Mr.Sun but he can do one for now as im trying to fight the best fight i can but there is a limit to what i can do.

On the plus side of things no matter how much of a pain in the butt i am and how many times im waking up through the night Im still on a winning streak and STILL yes STILL no wet nights for me and we are on week possibly 3 which everyone is so proud of me for doing so well but truth be told i just hate nappies and if it means as long as im not wetting the bed i get no nappies on im there all the way and with my potty just at the end of my bed in case of emergencies  coz we aint posh enough for an upstairs toilet then how can things go wrong, im not saying i aint gunna have an accident but im doing good so far 🙂

Ive been loving lately making tents where ever i can, from boxes that daddy had from grandad mickey’s computer bits to making tents at home and nanny owens house to hiding under the covers with my bestie Elly  which can only mean one thing and thats someone needs to buy me one so i can have a proper tent and with my birthday only round the corner my list is growing already as i want a trampoline as well as a dog and a cat and nearly everything i see on TV so who knows what im gunna get but i know im loved and either way its gunna be a good birthday regardless and in the mean time i need to just keep soldiering on and hope that this cough does one!