Soaking up the Sun


Its been a week of extra hot weather and time for the adults to try and keep us kids cool which has involved mostly a fan on all night to keep a cool breeze on me as the upstairs has been too hot and stuffy but the best thing to come out of all this hotness is daddy has got the big pool out, nanny and grandad owen have got there’s out and uncle stuart and auntie amanda have bought cousin liam a big pool as well so everywhere i have been its normally involved alot of splashing around and having a blast.

Daddy has been in work all this week and mummy has picked up a couple of extra shifts so super nanny to the rescue the the help of grandad owen as well of course but me and mum have mostly gone over to nans so mum can have some sleep while me and grandad go nuts in the pool then when daddys come home we’ve been playing around as well with the occasional visit to cosin liams which is how the week has pretty much gone, hottest few days of the year so far up to 33c on monday and apart from one night ive even managed to sleep through the nights although it did hit me mid week with me being sick not long after going to bed.

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