Sneeky snap shots


2014-05-13 07.50.36-1 2014-05-13 07.50.34-1 2014-05-13 07.50.34-2 2014-05-13 07.50.34-3

Daddy finally came home about 10 am and look shattered after only having an hours sleep but at least he wasn’t driving he was drivers mate which wasn’t that bad. we all got changed and while mummy and daddy went to merry hill to look for stuff for my auntie Carla’s wedding such as shirt and trousers i stayed back with nanny until they got back. once they go back we headed over to nanny owens house to drop her back off and also to see grandad as i haven’t seen him for a while.

When we got to nanny and grandads house daddy was really feeling tired and slightly hungry so after a bacon sandwich him and mummy decided to go up stairs to bed so i could have quality time with nanny and grandad but shortly after Charlie Chelsea and Elly came round and i had some amazing photos taken which it wasn’t until later that evening that mummy seen or knew about these photos. after a few hrs kip mummy and daddy got up and shortly headed home with me where we decided to just chill for the rest of the evening and hopefully i can sleep and let mum and dad sleep as well but with my colic still playing up doesn’t look good for mum