Snapped right back

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After a crazy 24 hrs bug things seemed to snap right back and normal services have resumed over the last couple of days although the lingering teething just never seems to end and i can be fine one minute and then really cranky as well the next but all in all life is back to how it should be.

Saturday we had the arrival of nanny and grandad broadfield who are staying now till just after the new year so hopefully im going to be seeing alot more of them, nanny and grandad owen and auntie chel and auntie charly and between us all there should be no reason for me to be board, tonight we went out for a meal and i ate really well, lots of chips lost of tortilla ‘s as well and seems im only a little bit mum and dad and everyone else who came out were really proud of me, fingers crossed i should put some weight back on at the end of the month if i keep eating the way i am.