Slowly Getting There

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Slowly getting better after them stupid jabs and things in my mouth so now its time to stop being cranky baby and give mum some peace but we’ll see. Yesterday was my weigh-in and then after that me and mummy met auntie amanda and cousin liam and went for a stroll up brierley hill for a few bits and bobs then popped over auntie amanda’s house for a quick cuppa before strolling home.

As the day went on i was still being cranky and had been sick a few times but mummy knows this is because of my jabs so with a few smiles she soon forgives me for being sick over her, myself and over the bed but it gives me chance to have another clothes change. Sleep wise i went down at my normal time and woke up 0345am and was on and off after that.

Hopefully Nanny owen will be comming over tonight and as if thats not exciting news Dean is comming over the weekend as well but first its off to walk max for uncle stu and auntie amanda and then for a stroll around merry hill.