slow start to the year

After all the  festive fun of christmas things have resumed to normality and this means back to school 5 days a week but still only for 3hrs a day which is just enough to give mum a little bit of a break and also give me chance to try and get rid of some of my energy that i have on a daily basis so its been good getting back into the usual routine as i have missed going to school especially with my new coat which i love!

daddy has been working really hard so my blogs have taken a bit of a back seat as he’s normally tired when he gets back and try’s to have a bit of play time with me then normally spends the last half hour doing my bed time routine which is nice just spending that little time just me and dad.

Been spending the last couple of saturday nights over at nanny and grandad mickey mouses house and as usual we always have a blast there and the weekend just gone it was auntie charlies baby Ellora’s christening which ment i got to dress really cute in a dress and look more prettier than normal lol, even got a really nice photo of me and grandad mickey mouse which i love so shared on instagram and we had such a lovey day even if i was the loudest person in the church!