Sleeping like a baby!

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Daddy thought he would wait a couple of days before he put another post on for me to see how i was getting on after having a couple nights of really bad sleep and expecting things to continue for a couple of weeks but things took a different turn and im pleased to let people know that normal service has resumed in the Taylor household and the last couple of nights ive have slept though until just after 5am so thing definitely and hopefully are back to the way they should be, not sure what caused the few night blip but mummy did a fantastic job of sorting me out and now she can get back to having a few extra hours sleep.

Daddy did try for a while getting up with both of us at 5am but by the time he finishes work and gets to bed its gone midnight and thus for a couple of weeks was having about 4hrs sleep and after a really rough Saturday last weekend mummy has told him he needs to stop getting up with us especially as he has his bike ride for charity coming next weekend so as much as i love seeing him at 5am i have to wait a few extra hours now.

this weekend saw the arrival of my great great aunt and uncle Mag & Terry all the way from Australia and they even bought me a really cute teddy bear all the way from Las Vegas on there travels over here and hopefully one day mummy and daddy can take me over there on another adventure as i think im taking after dad going on so many trips but unfortunately we wont be going over there any time soon as its soooo far on a plane and mummy and daddy need to start saving there pocket money too.

Last night was also the resumed schedule of Nanny night as nanny owen is finally feeling a bit better now but only have one more nanny night until we get on that big bird in the sky with uncle dean to sunny France to go and see nanny and granddad broadfield so im going to have to make it up to nanny owen and give her lots of huggs and kisses over the next week and a bit before we go oh and one last thing i got weighed on Thursday and im now weighing 15lbs 8.5ozs compared to 14lbs 13.5ozs