Sleeping going well

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Things at the Taylor household have gone well this weekend and sleeping so far is still going well, i’ve now done 4 nights of sleeping without anyone coming into me and i dont normally get up till my usual morning bottle feed between 5am & 6am and this is even last night after the clocks had gone back which means nothing to me at the moment but mummy and daddy are still pleased with me.

I went to bed last night at 1920pm as i couldnt keep my eyes open much longer and mummy came and got me at 0510am although i was awake and playing around in my cot at about 0430am which is you add the hour on that got taken off thats really good going to bed at what should of been 2030pm and getting up at what should of been 0530am so yeah looks like things are back on track finally and what ever mummy and daddy (well mummy) are doing is working, my teeth are still playing me up something crazy but we’re all getting there.

Tried a little bit of jelly the other day and to make it even better it was in the shape of peppa pig!! how cool is that, i only had a few mouth fulls and decided the lid was more exciting than the rest as that had a picture of peepa on it as well, i loves my peepa lol