sleeping going great


Been a few days on the trot now and i think im confusing mum and dad as i haven’t been getting up till gone 0730am which dad is all over the shop as he used to use me as his 6am alarm clock to goto the gym but instead now he’s lying in bed waiting for me to get up so he can go. Most nights i go down to sleep at around 7.30pm – 8pm where mummy normally reads me a book until i fall asleep then dad comes home and by about 11am if not just before i wake up for no reason but get layed right ¬†back down again and off to sleep i go and mum and dad dont seem to mind this as they are normally awake anyway.

Then comes around 5am and im awake again but dad normally comes in and tells me the sun aint up yet and puts me back down and then off to sleep i go until around 7.30ish which may seem like not a great nights sleep but for me its keeping me going just fine. Dummy still hasn’t made an appearance so thats definitely gone for good although there are times that i think if i scream loud and long enough for no reason they might just cave in and give it to me but no…. it hasnt worked yet lol.

Havent really done much the last few days and no one has taken any pictures so dad hasnt put a blog up in February until now, all i have been doing is annoying mum and dad and causing a mess around the house although mum did take me to playgroup on tuesday but she aint allowed to take photos in there. off to get weighed on Friday and hopefully it will be another growth spurt in weight for me xxx

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