Sleep? whats that all about!

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From what i used to be like to the past few weeks it seems like ive gone from one extreme to the next and boy are mummy and daddy feeling it bless them but hay its not my fault and that’s what keeps them going. As some of you avid readers may know i used to sleep really well and mummy and daddy took that for granted and now for reasons i could only say are my teeth i don’t seem to be sleeping all the way through the night and mummy is getting up 4+ times a night and a couple of times ive even been lucky enough to get into bed with mum and dad but i know they don’t like doing that. My teeth are slowly cutting through and i have a right set of chompers showing at the moment and who know when the rest will come through?

I have seriously mastered the art of rolling around and now people need to watch out as im slowly working on crawling now but for some reason i cant get to grips with it and end up backwards all the time ( stupid legs) but things are slowly getting there and my body is strengthening day by day and before you know it i’ll be making daddy his tassimo coffee in the morning then jumping up and down on the bed while he tries to drink it so yeah stick me on the floor or bed at the moment and watch me go!!