Sick, Smiles & cuddles

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Its been an eventful weekend again for me, Friday afternoon started with me having my usual cuddles from mummy and then nanny owen decided to turn up as a surprise and even caught the bus all the way over just so she could spend time with me and mum to find out that daddy was going to be working all evening and then though the night from 2pm Friday till 8am Saturday  so she decided to stay and keep me and mum company.

Saturday dad was back and we were ready to hit the shops to get some food for the week so off to tesco we went then over to see grandad owen. Later that evening mummy and daddy were getting worried about me being violently sick out of my mouth and nose at least twice a day so called 111 to ask for there advise around 9pm and they said we could do with going to the walk in center and someone would call us back within an hour but within that hour we all fell asleep on the sofas and we didnt wake up till 2am in the morning by which point daddy looked at his phone and no one had called him back so we all went to bed. a few hours later around 5am daddy started having called from a number that wasnt local so he knew it wasnt the walk in center so we all stayed asleep.

Sunday was off to nanny and grandad’s for sunday dinner where i was still being sick twice a day but by lunch time i had already been sick twice and that number was still trying to ring daddy so he answered it and it was 111 calling him back to see how everything went, he explained that we had still not had an appointment at the walk in center so they gave us one as 1820pm that night which was good as it was on the way back from nanny’s. after going to the center where they advised us to go and see the doctor’s in the morning as they could best prescribe something and also monitor my progress with follow up appointments we return’d home only to have me being sick a further 2 times within half an hour of each other so daddy rang triage at the hospital this time and they told us to go in and get a check up, after spending 4hrs up there they basically said the same thing as the walk in center and to go and see doctors in the morning so home and bed we went.