Settled back nicely


Been back almost 2 weeks now and life has slowly returned to normal, my bed time routine seems to have gone back to the way it was and im 99.9% at the moment sleeping through the night which is great news for mum and dad but i still like to play nanny and grandad owen up when i go and sleep over there but that is just part and parcel of staying over nannys lol.

Food wise still isnt any better and although mum and dad try me with things i still end up sticking to the things i know and love and now im back in the uk it means that everything is at my disposal like my crumpets, kinder eggs, milkyway bars and party rings.

Its going to be a busy almost couple of weeks for mum and dad as they are going to be moving and i get a bigger and better bedroom and a bigger garden to move  so for me its a win win situation but it may end up messing around with me sleeping as for a while everything is going to be new, on the plus side nanny and grandad broadfield are coming back to the UK to help mum and dad mover so im looking forward to that.

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