Sensitive Gal

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haven’t posted anything for a few days as we’ve been having nice new windows and doors fitted in the house and then daddy got side tracked yesterday doing auntie carlas’s wedding dvd.

As usual i have my spell of being good and things seems ok but a couple of days ago i wasn’t right at all and was proper sick everywhere and given the doctors earlier on said that they didn’t think anything was wrong daddy thought it might have something to do with all the new foods im slowly starting to eat so ive been back on just milk the last couple of days and things seem alot better and today we’re going to start slowly bringing some form of food back in and leave off the snacks regardless of them being ok for my age as i must have a really sensitive stomach.

I enjoy getting up in the mornings as i get to chill with mummy and daddy and i even have a cheeky nap on daddy’s side. we’re taking nanny owen to get her hair done on the weekend as a treat for always being there for me and mummy and daddy so we thought we would take her somewhere nice just outside of Coventry and go spend the day out and about.

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