Screams to Dreams

What an absolutely crazy almost 48hrs this has been for me and not in a good way either, for me i thought the whole world was coming to an end and boy did i let mum and dad know about it and to be fair probably next door and the people the door after as well! the last few weeks give or take a good night here and there i have been getting up through the night and not wanting to go back down and alot of it is because i have lost my dummy and cant find it so then i get worked up and then dont wanna go back to sleep so mum and dad said sunday night enough was enough and just gone midnight after giving them grief and not wanting to go back to sleep the dummy went and it was time to go cold turkey¬†ūüė•

Needless to say that didn’t go down to well with me and the crying i did previously then went up a few decibels and the long night ahead continued with not wanting to sleep through not having my dummy and just generally going stir crazy and showing mum and dad just how i can strop and throw a massive paddy all over my bedroom with the duvet comming off the bed to me protesting on the floor to comming out of my room only to be brought back to my bed.

That night i must of only had a couple of hours sleep, an hour here and there just to recharge my screams and crying and then continue with them and eventually i woke up at one point and it was 7am which although thats not a bad time to get up it would of been even better if i had slept right through but that was never going to be the case going cold turkey with no dummy. As the morning progressed i got slightly better and managed to get another 1 hour sleep in as my usual knap but even tried it on then but fair play to mum and dad they stuck there grounds and that dummy never re-appeared.

Last night was an early bed time slot for me as prior to loosing my dummy my usual wake time has been 6am ish so going to bed at 7-8pm ¬†i haven’t been getting my full 12hrs or even close to it so mum started to settle me down at 6pm and by 6.15pm i was asleep but unfortunately not for long as i did wake up a couple of time up until about 7.30pm and then i was out for the count for the whole night and i didn’t even wake up once which could be a good sign but i was also shattered so who knows, today however i have woke up full of beans and happy and smiley that i think i really needed it but i dont think im out of the woods yet as there still is plenty more sleeps to go without a dummy starting with my knap in a bit.

On the plus side prior to going cold turkey on my dummy we went shopping on sunday and got me some new units to put all my stuff in downstairs which mummy is very happy about now as the place looks so much better¬†:smile::smile: oh and there was a slight edit on first blog of 2016 ¬†‘Welcome to 2016‘ forgot to mention about me being at nannys so daddy rearranged the blog so have another read of it xxxx

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