Schools out

Its that time of year however its my first time finishing school for the summer, i have loved going to nursery and on our last day we had a little party and i managed to give my best teachers Kate and Jane there present for looking after me so its going to be strange not going there for soo long and maybe mummy and daddy will see about summer club so i can go there instead. I already have my new pack lunch box ready for September which im try out at home now and then to get used to having a lunchbox and mum and dad are going to try me with different things to take with me as in September im in nursery 5 days a week 9-3pm which may mean one very tired child when i get back.

the last week for me has kinda been another milestone as with most people who know me will know i am a really fussy eater and when i have things like sausages i have to have the skin taken off or chicken nuggets with the batter taken off which can be rather annoying for people when we are out or they are trying to cook for me but last week i ate nuggets with the batter and the other day in order to get me a special present i ate a sausage with the skin which for me is really really good oh and my special present was a fidget spinner 🙂