Really bad few days

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Well things went from bad to worse over the weekend, i had slowly gone off my food last week and come friday i had started to be sick and as the the weekend progressed so did my sickness so come early hours sunday morning dad rang 111 and by 11am we was up in prime care where they had suggested that mum reduce the amount of formula per bottle and see if that helps but as sunday continued i wasn’t holding anything down and i had become very lifeless so dad had decided that it was a trip to A&E this time.

Whilst we waited for a doctor to arrive mum and dad were told to give me 10ml every 10mins through a syringe and hopefully that should help which after almost an hour and half i had manged to keep it all down so it was suggested that they could keep me in for further observations or go home and continue with the syringe but dad thought it was best that we stay and get completely checked out and if things did get worse that we wouldn’t have to go through the waiting around again so by 3am dad had to go home and me and mum settled in to the pediatrics ¬†ward for the night.

In the morning dad came back to the hospital to see us and within an hour or so the doc came around and was happy for me to be discharged so home time it was where i spent the rest of the day sleeping on and off for a few hours each time and in between having some dirolite. My temperature is still going up and down and i’ve only been sick 2 or 3 times since ive come out but the main thing is im getting fluid back in my system and things are hopefully on the up but im not out of the woods yet. tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one.