Ready for Nursery


Its been all go over the weekend from friday onwards as it was daddys birthday so i got to help him open his cards and attempt to sing happy birthday and then after daddy got back from his job interview we all went out for food and there was auntie amanda, uncle staurt and of course cousin liam with both nanny’s and grandad broadfield and me mummy and daddy so we had a fab evening 🙂

Saturday daddy shot out for the majority of the day so he could get himself ready to go out in the evening (he’s worse than a women) and me and mummy went over to see if Elora has made an appearance yet (auntie charlys baby) but unfortunately to date she hasn’t showed up  and everyone is on standby and nanny and grandad broadfield have left us to go and spend some time with them and be close for when the baby is due however before they left nanny and grandad broadfield had there first night of looking after me while mummy and daddy went out, would like to say i slept all night but no that wasnt the case and i ended up waking up at about 11pm and nanny tried putting me back to sleep but i wanted 101 different teddys just to be awkward and in the end i came down stairs till about 0130am and fell asleep on nanny’s chest. Needless to say i was a grumpy so and so the next day lol

Monday the big day finally arrived where i went to see where i would be going to nursery and have a little feel for it, I LOVED IT!! even though we wasnt there long i got to paint, glue sparkly bits and feathers to a plastic circle thingy and played with play-do and they had shells to make pretty pictures and musical instruments, i wasnt even bothered that mummy wasnt around as she was filling paperwork in but the big day is wednesday where i go for 3hrs every day from now on until possibly christmas then we can re-assess everything and maybe put me in longer over a few days rather than 3hrs per day OH!!! and im in the monkey class room how ace!!

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