Re-Adjusting & the cold

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Daddy’s birthday has been and gone and now the holiday to France to see nanny and grandad broadfield is getting ever closer 🙂 and if staying a nanny and grandad owens though my sleep pattern out the window i wonder what being over there for a whole week is going to do but dont get me wrong i really enjoyed my stay at nanny and grandad owens but it has taken me almost all week to try and get my self re adjusted and hopefully ive done that now so all that’s left is to try and get over this cold that seems to have snuck up behind me and hit me in the face.

ive spent most of the week over nanny and grandads owens and the one day mummy thought me and her would have some quality time together nanny and grandad and uncle James  appeared out of no where and surprised us which was nice and now today we have a wedding to goto before the start of the weekend and the usual nanny night.

Daddy has finally added a instagram photo section which will allow people to see some extra nice pictures of me but don’t worry not every single picture will be instagramed and as often as daddy can do my blog he will still add a few pictures on here as well as the monthly gallery uploads