Quite July for blogging



What with daddy trying to get re-adjusted to working life things have slipped ever so slightly for my blog and naughty daddy didn’t even put up June’s photos up but fear thee not they are getting uploaded as we type and hopefully we might see some more blogs and pics etc in August.

weather hasnt been that great this last week and daddy has been either working or at the gym so we haven’t spent much time with him and now this weekend nanny and grandad owen is taking me away to see there new caravan, i think its nanny that wants me to go away with her as grandad enjoys his peace and quiet but with me there he’s gunna have no chance of that lol

Today i had one of daddy’s friends daughter look after me so mummy could get some sleep and we had a right blast and even got to make cakes which is always good fun even though i dont eat them, just have the occasional lick off the top of the fairy cake but still its good making them

DSC_6613 DSC_6632 DSC_0365 DSC_0369