Product Photography

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Not quite sure how long i have to wait for photographs to come back from the photographer but todays baby product photo shoot went really well and even got a free teddy from them as well so its all good, even though i was falling asleep in the car to get to the studio I soon perked up when we arrived and mummy and daddy and nanny owen was all really pleased with me at how well it went and how quick, guess im a natural lol at the moment they said todays photos will probably be used on Purflo’s website so dad has asked the photographer to keep us posted on when and if they use the photos.

Out of 4 back molars on my teeth a couple are really really really starting to give me jip after going a while with no pain its the ever returning cranky baby but for all good reasons this time, it was touch and go yesterday as to what kind of mood I would be in for the photo shoot today as the last few days have been bad for me and mum and dad and well everyone who has seen me has seen the crankyness come out in me and ive just moaned moaned moaned but on the plus side this is the last 4.

Nanny and grandad broadfield bought me new wellys while they were over and i thought i was in luck other day when it had been raining and got the welly’s on with mum and we went out looking for muddy puddles only to find none 🙁 we tried to meet up with daddy from the gym as a surprise but he had just left  as we were walking half way round, never mind we do live in britain so im sure there will be more rain