Playing Catchup

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Even though i had a couple of good nights sleep i think i’m still playing catch-up with my sleeps and yesterday was a very tired day for me, daddy was trying to find somewhere to take me in the morning and all of a sudden i decided to throw a paddy and it was full blown to the point i got left to it while dad went and did the dishes and when he came back i was still going for it. Dad brought me down stairs where i continued and this was only half 9 in the morning which was confusing dad as it wasn’t time for my morning sleeps hence why he was trying to originally find us somewhere to go so i could go and run around but he gave that up as a bad idea and put me to bed with dummy in mouth i was gone!

Even later that afternoon when me and mummy went over nanny and grandad owens house i had done the same thing, had a paddy and fell asleep so i must be be trying to catch up on last weeks sleep and to be far i think mummy has been doing the same as she seems to sleep more than shes awake lately lol. BIG WEIGH IN today and its fingers crossed once again to see if i have lost weight, stayed the same or actually put weight on.

So far the new food planner is going great, figured out at the moment that i don’t like watermelon, fish fingers and boiled eggs but its still early days and it seems that even though i don’t like the food i’m actually hungry when it comes to food time which is a bonus and hopefully over time and a few more tries i might actually eat the foods i didn’t like to start with