Pinch punch

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Pinch punch first day of the month and also happy April fools day to you all!! the final countdown is on and its less than 7 days till i’ve been causing trouble in this world for 12 months and also not long now till we get a scottish visitor Rona so already this month is off to a good start.

Daddy is currently sorting through almost 500 pictures from march and will start uploading them today so keep checking back and at some point they will be ready to view. The last couple of days me and mummy have been getting out and about on the old public transport they call the bus and not only did we have a couple days out and about daddy had to experience his first bus ride in ages/ years as he’s only gone and sold the car so now at the moment we have no choice but to enjoy the great british weather and walk or at least mum and dad do, i get the royal treatment and get pushed everywhere so makes no difference to me really

Im off to get weighed later this afternoon and seems March was such a good month for me apart from the noro virus lol so im hoping that for the 2nd month in a row i have put some weight on, fingers crossed as i have been eating lots even with the noro bug  so fingers crossed