November 2016

Picasso in the making


Back to school this week after being ill and heading up north to see everyone and boy is it making me really tiered as well as spending alot of time over nanny and grandad oven’s house im completely  wiped out most days this week and bed times for mum has been a doddle.

I did get to spend some quality time with mum though one day and to my surprise  she got the paints out and i had a whale of a time 🙂 mum doesnt normally get them out much as it not really a tidy thing so we had lots of fun and who knows i may have found my calling lol

Dad has been working loads of hours to make up for having a few days off so on the days i do get to see him im normally shattered and soon head off to bed but on the other hand sunday is the one and only day he gets off at the moment and sunday just gone me, mum and dad all went swimming as a family little outing and it was fab and warm! nothing to really do apart from try and swim and my feet dont even touch the floor but i didnt end up with blue lips like i normally do at least until i got out and then boy do you feel the cold, all in all it was nice spending that hour doing something as a family xxx

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