Photoshoot for the morning

Wow what a day i had yesterday and as some of you might have seen on my instagram account dad had organised for me to be a model for the day or morning at least and boy did i love every minute of it… well until i had to wait almost an hour and a half for my photos to be sorted but the experience it self was amazing.

Me, Nanny owen and daddy heading into Birmingham yesterday and dad even decided to take the train rather than drive so we kinda made a day of it and as always i kept annoying daddy by asking at every stop “is this our stop!”  but we got to Birmingham and then had a walk over to the studio. Whilst walking my soft play center radar detectors went off as we passed a building and as much as i know dad was trying to keep my attention away from it i soon spotted it and of course i had to try and check it out on the way back so dad said if i am good at the photoshoot then we can go in afterwards.

We arrived early even before the staff were there although they did tell us to get there 15 minutes before we made sure we had plenty of time, when the hair & make-up lady arrived it was time to sort out my outfits in order ready to just snap and change, snap and change. once the first outfit was on it was onto the make-up seat and time for me to get my face on then after a little wait for the photographer it was time for me to strut my stuff in from of the camera.

It only took about an hour and half tops as i listened to everything he wanted me to do and even put in a few of my own moves, Nanny and daddy were very impressed and so was the photographer which made his job really easy. After the shoot it was time to wait for the photographs to be touched up so we headed for a cafe so dad and nan could grab a coffee before heading back to view the pictures and boy was nanny and daddy impressed but its such a shame they wanted soooo much money for all the photos and after just coming back from USA we got one picture and took away a really good experience which hopefully daddy will look at getting another session done with someone else soon.

On the way back we headed straight to the soft play center and had an hour in there before catching the train back and yes i asked the same question all the way back as well including playing nanny up by shouting in her ear after pretending i wanted to whisper something in it so i think everyone on that train was gald to see me leave but hey i had fun and thats whats it all about 🙂

dad is going to put a couple of very short videos on my youtube page at some point so keep an eye on that, he couldnt take too long of videos as he wasnt ment to be whilst in the studio so he was lucky to get what he did.