Photos are done

Nothing special going on lately as ive had the usual school monday to friday and dads not been well so between him going to work and going straight to bed when he got home i aint seen much of him and the weather is getting cold now so dont get much play out side.

This week i have been alot better at eating and sleeping i have been a little bit better at as well, i like to have my bedroom light on at night and the hallway light on which seems to settle me better though the night.

School photo has come back and dad now has a copy ready to send to people so thats not getting put up just yet although mum and dad were pretty shocked that i did a good job and almost actually smiled lol. As for the usual photos that dad puts on here he has finally upto date with the year photos so August and Septembers are uploaded and ready in the photo section.

Dad is now starting his new job so he should be here most morning and should take me or pick me up more often so life should get better as i will see him alot more that i have done, maybe not so much on a night but definately more that i have been which is always a good thing xx