Peppa Pig Show

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Had a fab afternoon yesterday at my first ever peppa pig show and what better way to spend it than with my cousin Liam, hes just crazy but i love him loads and for our first big show together we both seem’d to enjoy it although when i first got there all i wanted to do was run around as i had not long got up from my afternoon nap and then we had to shoot straight out to go and get nanny owen as she came with us as well on top of needed to grab something to eat which ment that i really didn’t have much play time before having to sit in a chair so when mum and dad tried to put me in my seat the whole world ended and boy did i throw a paddy.

After a good 10 minutes of going mad and throwing a paddy mum and dad thought that this show was going to be a complete waste of money but then… all of a sudden something happened and BOOM!!! i stopped, it was the theme tune to peppa pig and that was it i was fixated on the stage and sat and watched the whole show in amazement, 35 minutes had gone by and then there was a short interval which i was hungry then so crisps, chocolates and a quick photo with liam and the second half was back on and i sat there and watched the whole show good as gold and mum, dad and nanny couldn’t believe it but was sooo happy that i did enjoy it, there maybe hope for me on a plane ride for 11 hours yet lol

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