Pee Pee on the potty


ive been slowly working my way to being nappy free, yes you heard it right! i have my days where i just wanna be free and wonder around the house naked so i stand there and even wonder around and end up getting stuck as i start taking my clothes off and in all fairness im straight on  the potty 90% of the time normally until daddy comes home from work then  things just go right out the window lol.

I even tried it a couple of times last week and went to nursery nappy free and thursday was 3 accidents and friday i came home with my uniform on and no accidents which mummy and daddy thought it was a turning point but then the weekend came and things just went out the window, i didn’t wanna be free and certainly didn’t wanna go on the potty so for now its a trial and error things as im deciding to do it and not being forced into just going 100% nappy free, oh and ive even tried the big toilet as well 🙂

Over the weekend it was sooo nice to spend a bit of time with dad and his friend dan, we have found a pub that he likes going to and there is normally on nice days a bouncy castle there but if theres not then there is a climbing frame thing with a slide and normally loads of kids to play with so everyone is a winner and last night was just me and dad as well as mummy went into hospital over night but shes back now which ment that daddy got me up and dressed and over to his friends house ready for him to go to work, we work well as a team some days lol.

Nanny and grandad owen have been amazing over the last couple of days as well looking after me and getting to spend time with them is always good, i even got to rob nanny’s phone and take some dodgy pics which im still mastering the art of and maybe ho ho will bring me one for christmas???

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