May 2017

Paultons Smashed

What a fab day and one im going to remember for a while and what better to share it with not only mummy and daddy but Nanny Georgina!

After a long afternoon drive down the motorway on sunday we finally made it to our over night stay at Rownhans Service station (Days Inn) and with not much time to do a fat lot but have dinner and run around for an hour it wasn’t long before i had to head to bed ready for the big day that i have been waiting for since my birthday and that is Peppa Land as i like to call it lol.

We got there at 9am although the park didn’t open until 10am and after daddy had problems with the car getting to Alton towers he was making sure we got there this time and he was there to enjoy the day as well. 10am soon arrived and all i wanted to do was make a bee line for Peppa land and nothing was gunna stop me or daddy as he was holding me and wow did my eyes light up when we got there. We spent most of the day there and i got to not only see Peppa and George i got to hold hands with them and cuddle them and visit there house and go on lots of rides and i was just basically a can of pop and a kid in a candy shop, i just didn’t know what to do.

Lunch time ish about 1.30pm came and we had to stop to go and have a bit to eat and thats when we ventured of to the rest of the park and we got to go on a couple more rides including my very fist log flume ride for kids, whilst it wasn’t fast it was still sooo cute according to mum and dad and nanny.

before long it was time to head back to peppa land and go crazy again and seems mum had lost the piece of paper with our photo numbers on it ment we had to go on the rides more to get more pictures which was obviously such a chore lol. Before i knew it we had to go and on the way out we managed to squeeze a couple more rides such as the carousel and a little train ride then pop into the shop and buy a peppa pig toy just to top the day off.

Needles to say it didnt take much rocking in the car on the way back and i was sparked right out! What a fab day xx