Passport Photos!

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Well guys  wanted to update folks on how im doing, Since yesterday morning (monday 26/05/2014) ive been back on the colief drops and slowly started to get back to my normal colic like self, my grunts and strange noises are still with me but on the whole ive started to pick up and sleeping alot better. Would like to thank grandad and grandma taylor for helping with another solution and sending me the granules down so quickly, its always worth trying different things but unfortunately i seem to be and expensive baby with expensive taste and Colief drops seems to be the only thing helping me at the moment.

Bank holiday monday was spent mainly with grandad and grandma broadfield shopping in Merry Hill with Chelsea and Charlie and whilst i was out i decided to be sick all over mummy and myself so it was a great opportunity to get a new outfits but what i didnt know is Daddy and dean was also buying me a new outfit as well so im doing ok for myself right now. After Daddy finished having his eye check up he met mummy and grandma at the hotel to pick me and mummy up as grandad wasn’t feeling well and he was in bed for the afternoon and we went over to nanny owen as she hadnt seen me since friday morning so i thought it was best to go and see her so she could have her cuddle fix and hopefully she will be over friday night as well to spend the night with me as i like nanny night 🙂

After Nanny’s me, mummy and dean went home and chilled for the evening, i was asleep by 10:30pm ish and slept till 0530am which mummy was over the moon about, i went back to sleep at around about 0630am and woke about 0930am so fingers crossed this is the start of me sleeping better through the nights but only time will tell