Panic Over

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After a mad 24hrs over the weekend the panic is over! naughty daddy decided to screw some floorboards back down to stop the floor boards squeaking so it wouldn’t annoy him or wake me up in the nights and he went through 2 water pipes and a gas pipe which then we had to evacuate for the night to be safe even though the gas and water got turned off.

Uncle Stuart and auntie Amanda saved the night by putting us up in there house which was very very kind of them and that ment when cousin Liam woke up in the morning and came into our bedroom he had a really nice supprise, me!!!! in all fairness we were both happy to see each other.

By sunday night everything was sorted and put back so we were able to go home, i think daddy has learnt an expensive lesson but the main thing is were are all safe and its all sorted now xx