Packed up and waiting for daddy

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This is going to be the last blog till next saturday or sunday when daddy can get chance to sort the photos out and have 5mins to type a blog out for me as today is the day we hit the open road to scotland. Daddy has work 2pm till 10pm so the quicker he gets done the quicker we can go but will probably set off about 11pm to give daddy chance to have half hour chill before he picks me and mummy up from nanny’s house as nanny and grandad want to see as much of me as they can before i go away for a week.

This is going to be the longest road trip i have done so far and its been a while since daddy has driving that far as well but with the help of some coffee and red bull and a few power naps along the way we should and aim to arrive at grandad taylors house for about 8am, im hoping to be well rested and full of smiles however daddy on the other hand will be looking ruff and shattered but to be fair that’s daddy most days lol.

Nanny owen stopped last night to give mummy and daddy chance to get everything sorted out and for them to get things done this morning like hair and nails (not daddys nails) and the car has been cleaned and mummy has her hair appointment this afternoon while daddy is in work.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and for nanny and grandad owen and broadfield i’ll skype you off daddy’s phone everyday. see you guys in scotland soon and for everyone else i’ll be back in a week xxx