over 24hrs spent with nanny owen

2014-05-09 21.57.34 2014-05-09 21.55.47

Slowly its becoming a regular thing now where nanny owen comes over and spends some quality time with me but this week she definately had her quality time. Due to me still having really bad colic and also re-flux on top of that i don’t tend to sleep that good through the night and some nights i can sleep for 3-4 hrs but then be wide awake so mummy hasn’t been able to get into any kinda of routine with me at the moment so nanny owen said that she would come over and not only give mummy some time to catch up on some sleep but also give mummy and daddy some time alone together so they could go out and have a meal.

Daddy came home around 1930pm that evening and 10 mins later went out with mummy for something to eat and some alone time so me and nanny stayed at home and chilled, when mummy and daddy came back they went upstairs and went straight to sleep as daddy had work again at 0130am so all in all what with nanny being over earlier in the day and daddy wasn’t going to be dropping her off till about lunch time Saturday me and nanny have had some pure quality time this Friday and will be doing the same again next week .