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Had me a couple of little outings yesterday as the weather seemed to be really nice and to be stuck in doors seemed wrong so first on the list was the usual pick-up of mummy where we then headed off to merry hill shops for 9am so that we could change a few items ready for our holiday and without hanging around down there on a saturday we headed straight back on the road again so daddy could get some air con in his car after having it all fixed.

By this point i was out for the count asleep in the back of the car as it was past my morning nap and slept until we got home where it was playtime out the back garden just before lunch and then our weekly trip to tesco for the food shop and a quick ride on noddy. After my late afternoon nap mum and dad decided we should go for a walk and a ride on my trike down towards the canal and away from the roads so i could get my stroll on as i just want to explore and what a better place to explore than around the woodlands.

An hour and a half later we got back home where i had to get ready for bed but not before going out in the car to take mummy to work but even when i got back home and was in my PJ’s doesn’t mean to say i was ready for my bed as i still had loads of energy and had me a good play around before finally getting to bed about 9.30pm, what a day xx