one week later

After finally turning 3 and having an amazing birthday which daddy still hasn’t put photos on yet i was absolutely shattered at the start of the week which i think was down to all the excitement of my birthday and the birthday party so monday night i was in bed by 6pm and fast asleep, i couldn’t take any more and needed some sleep so come tuesday i was bright as a button ready for the rest of the week.

daddy decided he didnt like his job any more so he came back home on tuesday but i had already had things to do as nanny and grandad broadfield got themselves a new bungalow so me and mummy went with them to go and see it while daddy sorted out a new job which means i dont get to see him in the mornings any more apart from the weekend 🙁 but today is easter sunday and me and daddy are off out and about together to go and see people .

me and mummy painted a pony as well this week and i love it, there wasnt much for me to do but i supervised very good, daddy let me take the pram out for a stroll while we went looking around the shops with nanny and grandad broadfield and i had some new wireless headphones for my birthday which are ace and pink which means i can sing my heart off and dance if i need to whithout getting caught up in wires