One Massive Jump

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Its a massive jump for me and my weight, September and October i managed to hold on to my highest weight to date which was 8.7kg but then at the beginning of November i couldn’t hold on to it for much longer   and it finally went down to 8.55kg but after a strict food plan and less teething  which is always a good thing and now my weight is a massive 8.86kg which is now my highest size to date, mummy and daddy thought i would be at 9kg last christmas but unfortunately a year later and im still not there but not far from it.Advent calendar has been started and this year i have 3! its a good job i like my chocolate and needing to put some weight on but wasn’t best pleased when i first started opening my first door to then have mummy try and take the box away, not sure who’s idea that was but it certainly didn’t go down very well 🙁