Not Much Time


Poor dad has been rushed off his feet starting his new job and not getting back till late which means most days i don’t get to see him unless i wake up in the night which i have been doing quite a bit and some days its not my fault its the stupid dog barking out the back all night keeping me, mummy and daddy awake 🙁 on the plus side i have had a sneeky couple of nights in with mummy and daddy which has been really good as i get to cuddle up with daddy.

Dad has finally got round to uploading April, August and Septembers photos and even a quick video from end of September trying to catch up with everything and even a few little slides on the main page of the website as well 🙂

This weekend it was dads first weekend off for a while so got to spend saturday sunday and monday with him although i think sunday he could of strung me up as i really needed the toilet and couldn’t go all day and he didn’t know, he just thought i was being a little madam so i didn’t get to go out to the pub/park with him as i was being to stroppy, by about 6 o’cock i managed to go and what a difference that made to my attitude.

Managed to have daddy finally take me to school and pick me up which is going to be a regular thing now every other week when he has his day off but in the mean time i hope he doesnt work to hard this week so i can see him and spend some more time with him xxx


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