February 2018

Not feeling the love

Well last week was certainly a first for mummy, she came to pick me up from school and got told that i had been involved in a fight. I was playing and a girl came past me and bumped into me and when i said say sorry she didnt so things got out of hand from there, mummy wasnt impressed and ive been told its wrong so they are keeping an eye out on me at the moment.

Lately mum and dad and nanny owen have said that im getting a rite little attitude on me and things have to change to its been a crazy week with them trying to snap me out of what ever mood i seem to be in. I have been waking up a few times most nights as i have got another ear infection which my course of anti biotics dont seem to have done alot so mum has taken me back to the doctors and hes saying to see how i get on in a couple of weeks so who knows maybe my snappyness is down to that i dont know.

Another good dance session on the weekend followed by finally getting to see nanny and grandad owen and staying overnight as i havent seen nanny for almost a week which for us is normally a long time as we dont normally go that long without seeing each other.

Nothing new on the food front although i do try and put a few foods to my mouth although thats about as far as things get lol.