Not always an angel

I try which wouldn’t take long but this morning daddy really wasn’t impressed with me or my attitude and as a result i lost 3 dougey toys to the bin and had no TV or tablet today which made me think a little and by the end of the day i had eaten all my lunch and dinner and cheered up some what so i guess there is hope for me yet.

On the plus side daddy has told me he’s going to take me to peppa pig world and although he told me for my birthday i still kept asking to go today over and over and over and over which as you can probably tell didn’t go down to well along with trying to throw a strop in morrisons shop and even when mummy and daddy said goodbye and walked around the corner i just first of all just sat on the floor and then the second time just stood there and after getting told another toy and peppa pig world would be cancelled i soon started moving.

i have though seen cousin liam twice today and been to the park with him and had a really fun time, not sure that he will be able to come to peppa pig world with me but daddy has asked so will have to see what happens, its cousin liams birthday this week so get to have a party round his on thursday as well as nanny and grandad broadfield are flying back here on the same day so its going to be a good week hopefully xxx