Not Alot happening



Things have all been quiet in the taylor household the last couple of days, Nanny broadfield has flown the nest and headed back to France to give grandad a kick up the bum and hopefully start getting bits and bobs together to bring back over here so mornings just aint the same with out nanny broadfield here but evenings on the other hand are definitely not quiet lol

Mum and dad are trying to get my evening sleep routine back on track and figure out why im waking up through the night so just like on super nanny they have been putting me to bed and saying goodnight to mr.sun as well and then leaving, every time no matter how hard i scream the place down and boy can i scream they dont saying anything to me and eventually i have been giving up and going to sleep. Mum even moved my bedroom around as daddy was saying maybe its because of some feng shui   thingy so who knows maybe one day i will sleep though the night.

Went home from nursery early today as my temperature is through the roof so who knows whats going on, i didn’t go out for Halloween so cant be that so i guess ive caught something of one of the other kids but at least its before i goto scotland  which is always a good thing 🙂

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