Not a baby anymore

its been a while since ive been updating as dad yet again has been busy however this time is for all the right reasons, hes only gone and started building me my wendy house at the bottome of the garden with uncle james and wow does it look good even though its not finished yet it just needs a couple of doors and uncle james is going to plaster the inside for me so there is no messing around with this one.

Whilst all that has been going on i  goto swimming lessons twice a week and im making loads of improvements, i have last week got 2 certificates 1 was for my stanley 2 badge   which if you click  here you can see what all that is about and not only have i got them but i have now smashed my first 5 meter badge with no floatation help so basically swimming like a big girl!! go me and the swimming teacher was so happy for me, the tueasday we went and i got 3/4 oif the way accross and then wednesday i did 1/2 and 1/2 but then went all the way accross so everyone was really happy for me 🙂

Today was also my first sports day and to top if all off i smashed 1st place in the sack race although i did fall over i still managed to get 1st which im sooo happy about then i think i was 3rd running and think that was about it although i took part in sand jumping and a couple of other things they were the ones i was happy about so its been an emotional week for mummy and daddy seeing me looking grown up doing these things and for me being happy doing them.

Next step is my 10 meter badge and more stanley badges so lets see how long it takes me to get them