No waterbabies , Just a Baby

12370_10152135086556109_2586105119336016147_n 10449500_10152135086956109_5402588135596078466_n 10369606_10152136746156109_2978781606637477495_n 1623686_10152136986201109_7349188554299905909_n Thats the weekend over with and i’ve managed to catch up on spending some time with daddy after him being at work lots last week so lets hope he doesn’t have to do loads of hours this week as he needs to save all his energy for… yep thats right folks SCOTLAND!!! its getting ever closer now and uncle stuart, auntie amanda and cousin liam are already up there after surprising nanny and grandad taylor on saturday night ready for them to watch the first england game fo the world cup. Staurday Morning we decided to go and see auntie amanda and liam beofr they headed up the motorway and i had some play time with liam which was nice, then waterbabies was canceled 🙁 so im not going to be going now until  28th june so instead we decided so go and visit mummy’s cousin and see there newborn baby and its not until you put me next to a new born baby you get to see how much i have really changed in 10 weeks, mummy and daddy dont notice it so much but boy did they notice it when i was new to the other baby. After going to see mummys cousin we went home and it was time to spend some quality time with nanny owen while mummy and daddy went food shopping and by the time we all settled down it wa stime to order food and off to bed ready for daddy day and although i was up at 0430am i still managed to save some of my morning smiles for daddy. mummy cooked a nice sunday dinner for daddy nanny and grandad and in the afternoon we chilled for a couple of hours before meeting mike and zoe (daddy’s friends) at the pub for a daddy’s day pint. 2014-06-14 11.44.33 2014-06-14 11.42.52 2014-06-14 11.42.42 2014-06-14 11.41.33