no sign of letting up

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Morning guys! leah still isnt right 5 days into her cold/flu and trip to doctors failed yesterday as my car wouldn’t start but after a new battery we’re all good to go to get her checked out today.

We went and got her weighed yesterday as we are now getting her weighed every month and due to her being ill she has lost a little weight but nothing for the health visitors to be concerned about and with us getting he weighed every month which they have agreed is fine they said that she should bounce back and put the weight back on. last time we got her weighed on the 20/11/14 she was 8.10kg and as of yesterday she is 7.95kg due to be seen next on the 7th jan but at least having this now she should be good for christmas.

My auntie Dorothy and uncle Tom in America sent her gifts over and said she could open one as the weather was cold and it was a snow suit so she got to practice opening her first Christmas present this morning and buy the looks of it its going to be a long Christmas morning.

I have changed the way you navigate round her blog i.e selecting blog then the month as 2015 is near and soon enough there is going to be a long list of months to choose from so now there is no list. just click on blog then select the year then the month.