No break for mummy


As you might have seen daddy has changed the theme of my website as its almost Halloween soon so he found me a nice pink background to go with the website, not quite sure what we have planned for it yet as im a little young to be going out trick or treating but im sure mummy will find me a daft outfit to dress me up in lol.

My vocal cords have been getting a right old work out lately and there are signs of some words in there like the usual mumma and dadda and then the usual blah blah blah and eh as well so who knows when i’ll be able to string a sentence together but things are certainly on the up and my rolling skills are getting so much better as well, mummy and daddy have really go there work cut out as once im on the floor thats it im away, still haven’t mastered crawling forwards but between rolling and shuffling backwards i normally get to where i shouldn’t be which is normally daddys xbox games and xbox and the fireplace where there are plates of stones, me personally i dont see what the problem is with sticking the stones in my mouth or trashing daddys games but mum and dad do lol.

Sleeping through the night is still out the question and poor mummy looks like a zombie most days but when i wake up screaming the house down she has no option but to come and see me, not sure how long im going to be like this for but on the plus side my teeth are slowly coming through, i have 2 on the front bottom and now a couple more are coming so im putting all this down to teething and i guess the sooner the whole set come in the better for everyone.

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